A complete product suite dedicated to Matomo

We build the tools that allow you to have a more complete approach to your data.

Matomo can be extremely powerful when connected to the right tools. Our goal is to unleash the power of Matomo and make it a must in the field of audience analysis.

Matomo plugins you need

We strive to make Matomo better by creating plugins to meet all uses.

Logo Weather Reports Matomo plugin

Weather Reports

Add weather dimensions to visitor sessions for your indoor/outdoor activities.

Logo KPI Widget Matomo plugin

KPI Widgets

Display large numbers for your KPIs to avoid searching for information.

Logo code injector Matomo plugin

Code Injector

Add HTML, CSS and JavaScript code into your Matomo interface with ease.

Logo ChatGPT


Integrate ChatGPT into Matomo to gain AI-driven insights from your own data.

Logo Mistral AI vectoriel SVG

Mistral AI

Integrate MistralAI into Matomo to gain AI-driven insights from your own data.

Logo Gravatar

Profile Gravatar

Add a Gravatar profile photo to the Matomo user summary report page.



Auto-generate a complete swagger documentation based on your Matomo instance.

Free Matomo tools

Free tools to help you manage your Matomo instance everyday. You will love them!

Matomo themes we build for you

We have designed beautiful themes to make your Matomo interface more pleasant to use.

Logo Matomo dark theme

Dark Theme

This theme changes the Matomo interface to dark for better comfort.

Logo Google

Google Theme

Nostalgic of Google Analytics? This Matomo theme brings the Google interface back to life.

Logo openmost

Openmost Theme

Retrouvez la touche Openmost sur l’ensemble de vos produits et outils Matomo.

Connectors for your web solutions

We build plugins and connectors for your favorite CMS and framework.

Logo WordPress

Matomo Site Kit

Deploy Matomo on WordPress and manage your Data layer in a few clicks.

Nuxt Matomo

Easy Matomo integration for your Nuxt application with this module.

Let’s make Matomo the #1 analytics tool

For all these years we have contributed to the improvement of Matomo by offering its community training content, tools, themes, and plugins.

Do not hesitate to contribute in your turn by supporting this work, by sharing it and talking about it as much as possible.

You can also contribute by creating your own content.

We hope for a world that is more respectful of user privacy and where respect is placed at the center of decisions.