Tracking HTTP API URL Builder

Manipulating Matomo’s HTTP Tracking API has never been easier. Fill in the fields corresponding to the data you want to send to Matomo, copy the URL in your browser or an external tool and that’s it!

All in a very simple, complete and intuitive interface.

Matomo Tracking HTTP API builder is made for you


You no longer need to search through the documentation, everything is ready and working. Simply fill out the interface and run your query.


We convert your query parameters to match the format expected by Matomo. It’s automatic, no need to code or be an engineer.


You will no longer be able to make a mistake, each field has a defined format limiting entry errors. All fields are documented from the official Matomo documentation.

Build strong query with no skills required

This tool allows you to create complex queries by including all the parameters required by Matomo.

Creating tracking URLs for Matomo has never been easier, you just have to fill in the appropriate fields and execute the query.

Automatically formatting your query parameters

Formatting request parameter fields for Matomo’s HTTP Tracking API is always a source of concern and is a real obstacle in its use for developers and your marketing teams.

Each parameter of this API is unique and has its own behavior. We take care of managing these discrepancies for you. Fill in the fields and watch the magic happen.

A tiny tool full of fun features !

Believe me, you will continue to notice every little attention we paid when creating our Matomo HTTP Tracking API management tool.

A small feature that saves a lot of time. Each field requiring a unique identifier has a unique identifier that automatically generates a string of the right length with a single click, ready to use.

Managing custom variables in Matomo is often complicated due to how it works. We have thought of the perfect interface for you! Two separate fields for the name and value of your dimensions.
The entered values ​​are then encoded in array and then transformed into a format suitable for tracking URLs.

Custom dimensions seem to be similar to custom variables, but in reality they work completely differently. Their implementation in the HTTP Tracking API is also, but you will not see the difference, we will take care of implementing it for you in the right format.

Enter products and watch the URL being written at the same time, you will understand why we wanted to keep the tool simple.

Don’t hesitate to tell us if we saved you precious minutes.

Do you need help implementing this API into your workflow?