Weather Reports

The weather has a significant impact on the behavior of your visitors, now you can measure it. By installing this plugin, you will be able to say “My website performs better on sunny rather than rainy afternoons” and you will have the data to back it up.

Tracking weather data is a thing!

New weather dimensions

Discover and exploit the brand new meteorology dimensions available in Matomo. Use them in datatables, graph or even segments.

Measure impact on your goals

You are able to measure the impact of the weather on your conversions and optimize them by taking these new dimensions into account.

Anticipate the weather

By analyzing historical weather data and its impact on conversions, businesses can predict future trends and plan their strategies accordingly.

Easy installation with Matomo Tag Manager

Collecting weather data has never been easier. Simply get your API key from WeatherAPI and add it in the tag provided on Matomo Tag Manager. Then deploy a new version of your container and that’s it.

If you are not using Matomo Tag Manager, you can use our code snippet from the plugin documentation.

To optimize page loading time, weather data is only collected once per visit.

  • Use Matomo Tag Manager weather tag
  • Or custom code snippet for Matomo classic code
  • Optimized for page performance

All weather reports in one place

These new reports allow you to view all the data in one place. Each weather report is available in graph or table form, it’s up to you to see which format you like best.

We have integrated ten dimensions of weather to help you see things more clearly:

  • Conditions
  • Clouds
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Felt temperature
  • Precipitations
  • Humidity
  • Visibility
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed

Use weather data for segmentation and optimization

You finally have all the keys to detecting user behavior based on the weather. All these new dimensions are available as segments to help you analyze your audiences more simply.

Understanding how weather influences consumer behavior allows businesses to enhance the overall customer experience. By providing better recommendations, tips, or resources based on current weather conditions, businesses can demonstrate their attentiveness to customer needs and preferences, fostering loyalty and increasing conversions over time.