Premium Matomo support

Here is a complete support package for Matomo. Each question or problem will find its answer in record time. Complete and responsive support to remove all the blocking points of your Matomo experience.

The best method

Listening to your needs

By listening and asking you the right questions, we ensure a better understanding of your needs and therefore a more concise answer.

With you to find the best solution

Our Matomo expertise allows us to quickly target the heart of your problem to test various solutions and select the best one.

Fixing issues and prevent bad usage

We provide an adequate solution in addition to explaining the origin of the problem to avoid reproducing it.

Your Matomo instance in good hands

With our powerful tools and our in-depth knowledge of Matomo, we are able to diagnose inconsistencies and issues with your Matomo instance.

Our security approach allows us to test several solutions in test environments in order to offer you only adequate, risk-free solutions.

  • Test and demo environments
  • Security and configuration check-list
  • API based diagnostics

Matomo support with quick response time

At Openmost, we understand the importance of responsive and knowledgeable support to keep your Matomo services running smoothly. We know that data is an important issue for the development of your business. As Matomo experts, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and expertise to meet all your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority. We are committed to providing you with the knowledge you need to get the most out of Matomo.

Ronan accompanied us on Matomo to help us better understand this analysis tool which was quite new to us. He supported us on the tag correction in particular and proposed several relevant avenues for improvement. We feel that he knows the tool very, very well, he saved us precious time. Thank you very much for the collaboration, we will not hesitate for a second to call on him again!

Olivia Troehler

We called on Openmost for Matomo expertise and the results met our expectations. In a few hours, Openmost was able to unblock our problem and put us on the right track for the future. THANKS !

Damien Lecan

Great training adapted to all levels on Matomo and a real increase in skills for each member of the team.

Guillaume Dassonville

We work regularly with Ronan: A true passionate and exciting expert, available and above all… very talented! For the integration of Matomo as for his other missions, he quickly understands the client’s needs and knows how to be a force for proposals in the integration of the tool.

Jérôme Brisseau Fondateur de Goodflair

Ronan was able to adapt to my needs and issues throughout my training on Matomo. The format combining training but also practical workshops is ideal for quickly mastering the tool. Thank you for this training, I recommend!!


Troubleshoot issues on your Matomo instance