We create data solutions for peoples in charge of making better decisions

We are a Matomo service company based in France and we love data

We have been working on Matomo since 2017 to offer you the best possible services.

Openmost was founded by Ronan HELLO in order to respond to the influx of requests from customers on data-related topics. We have decided to base our activity on the values ​​of privacy, ethics and benevolence. It is for this reason that we favor the use of Matomo with our customers.

If you share this vision of web audience analysis, I think we are made to work together.

Reasons to get up in the morning


Privacy is a right and we do our best to keep it that way. All of our services and products are built around this basic principle.


In the professional world, working with the best makes the difference, so we do everything to be part of it and stay there.


We have always shared our knowledge and our creations with the world by creating software, courses and helping others.

Our lovely partners


Trainer, author and consultant in audience analysis since 2010.

Matomo consultant


Consultant in measurement and optimization of digital performance for more than ten years.

Matomo consultant


With nearly 10 years of experience at Matomo, he supports organizations transitioning to Matomo.

Matomo consultant

At Handicap International, we asked Ronan from Openmost to resolve e-commerce tracking problems on Matomo and he was very competent, fast, and available. We are delighted. Don’t hesitate to call him!

Mikäel Janssens

We called on Openmost for Matomo expertise and the results met our expectations. In a few hours, Openmost was able to unblock our problem and put us on the right track for the future. THANKS !

Damien Lecan

Joint mission on the implementation of Matomo for a client. At the top, I recommend!

Johan Pic

We work regularly with Ronan: A true passionate and exciting expert, available and above all… very talented! For the integration of Matomo as for his other missions, he quickly understands the client’s needs and knows how to be a force for proposals in the integration of the tool.

Jérôme Brisseau Fondateur de Goodflair

Ronan was able to adapt to my needs and issues throughout my training on Matomo. The format combining training but also practical workshops is ideal for quickly mastering the tool. Thank you for this training, I recommend!!


We work for the best

Your company will be in good company

We have real expertise that has proven itself over time. We have been providing Matomo services since 2017. Our customers are very satisfied and let us know!

Our Matomo expertise does not date from 2021…
We did not claim to be “expert” since Google Analytics Universal Analytics has closed. We have the Matomo seniority and expertise you are looking for in a professional partner.

We are used to working with marketing, technical, SEO and Ads teams. Your language is ours, no jargon, just precision.
We adapt our language to each person, we leave no one behind

Since we took a liking to Matomo in 2017, we have been active in the Matomo community in several ways.
We create free plugins and themes available on the official marketplace.
We have also written reference documentation in French which has allowed us to make ourselves known to our first customers.
And we are very active on the Matomo forum to help everyone find a solution to their problems.