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Integrate ChatGPT into Matomo to gain AI-driven insights from your own data.

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We provide a full Matomo experience for your company. You can entrust us with all the management of your Matomo for better performance.

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Data is at the center of your strategy, being well-supported makes the difference. Let’s work together to improve your business.

  • Matomo expertise since 2017
  • Major player in the Matomo community
  • Matomo leading services in France

Matomo technical audit & support

  • Configuration
  • Development
  • Security

Problems with your Matomo instance? The data is not uploaded correctly or your server is too slow? We’ll find what’s wrong with your configuration.

Premium support

  • Configuration
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Tracking

We offer a complete support offer to assist you with all your questions. We know that Matomo is not so easy to learn, we are here to help you.

Tracking plan creation and implementation

  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Tracking

Collecting data requires having a complete understanding of your tracking, we build and implement powerful tagging plans for your website.

Ecommerce tracking

  • Development
  • Tracking

We set up e-commerce monitoring for your online sales website to allow you to manage your e-commerce activity from Matomo.

Matomo hosting and maintenance

  • Configuration
  • Security

We manage the hosting and management of your Matomo servers for you. We also manage multi-server installations for very large organizations.

250h Training hours last year
100 Trained customers

Our Matomo training courses will make you even more efficient

Discover our training courses adapted to your marketing, traffic manager and technical teams. All your needs in a full day of training to become independent.

Matomo training

Discover the power of Matomo in training that allows you to be autonomous, configure and personalize your Matomo instance.

What would you like to know about Openmost?

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Openmost is a company that offers products and services around Matomo software. The company’s services are diverse and cover the majority of business needs. Openmost offers consulting services around Matomo, professional training, technical and marketing services for companies.

Openmost’s mission is to offer the best customer experience around Matomo. We want to make the use of Matomo simpler by offering our services and tools adapted to the demands of our customers. We make it a point of honor to provide quality work that delights our customers.

At Openmost, we always work to respect our values. We will always offer you quality work based on real expertise. We want to contribute as much as possible in an open-source and free ecosystem. We also want to make the internet better for everyone and preserve our individual freedoms and privacy. That’s one of the reasons we choose Matomo services as our main business.

We are used to working with other agencies as a partner, we will adapt to your current working methods to best respond to your Matomo issues. In certain cases, we offer our services in partnership with your current agency.

We decided to work on building a service offering around Matomo, because it is a tool that we have used on a daily basis for almost 10 years. We’ve been contributing to the Matomo community all this time, believing that Matomo should take the place as the leader in open-source analytics tools. Today, we continue to provide services in this goal, maintaining an open-source tool as a market leader.