Reporting API Builder

The best way to interact, prepare and understand how the Matomo reporting API works, all in a complete and practical interface.

Use Matomo API wuith eas


Manipulating the Matomo API has never been easier. This intuitive interface allows you to create and execute each functionality of the Matomo Reporting API.


For each feature of the Matomo reporting API, you have an interface for entering query parameters. You no longer have to search, everything is already there.


Preview responses in the format of your choice, whether via the JSON viewer tool, or by downloading a CSV, TSV, XML or HTML file.

Manage your instance right from the API

The Matomo Reporting API is a powerful interface for managing your Matomo API, but it can be a bit complicated if you’ve never used it before. That’s why we create this intuitive interface to avoid complexity when creating API requests.

I’m sure you’ll love interact with Matomo API when you have the right tool in your hands.

Whether you are a developer, marketer or just curious, knowing how the Matomo API works is always a plus!

Export data and generate automated reports

Want to give your reports a boost? Why not create automated reports yourself based on the Matomo reporting API?

You can create whatever you want, just ask Matomo for the data. We’ll help you query the API correctly by giving you a simplified interface.

The Matomo API gives you access to report data that no Matomo interface can display. It would be a shame to miss out, don’t you think?

Understand the Matomo Reporting API workflow

When you want to go further in using Matomo, create external tools or connect to other software, understanding how the Matomo reporting API works is essential.

With this simple interface and the output preview tool, you will be able to test and understand how this API works and create powerful tools.

The perfect API toolbox

Reporting API Builder is packed with features you’ll love.

Retrieving data from Matomo has never been easier.
Grab your Matomo instance URL and API key and start querying your Matomo database.

This tool implements all Matomo API methods. You will be able to operate, create, update or delete any Matomo entity in a few clicks. Start automating your tasks easily with this API connector from Reporting Matomo.

Do you need the data in a specific data format? Do you want to define a personalized period, choose the data presentation mode or the API output format? Everything is available in the query options, you no longer have to search for possible values ​​for each parameter, we have listed everything, it’s up to you to choose what suits you best!

Need some help to manage your Matomo ? Get in touch with us !