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Our Matomo trainings

We offer full days of training with complete and quality content to help you grow your skills.

  • Onsite or online
  • 7h

Matomo training

Discover the power of Matomo in training that allows you to be autonomous, configure and personalize your Matomo instance.

  • Discovery of audience analysis
  • Presentation of Matomo and how it works
  • Reading and analyzing reports
  • Customisation for your needs
  • How to make decisions based on data
  • Matomo under the hood
  • Onsite or online
  • 7h

Matomo Tag Manager training

Become an expert on Matomo Tag Manager with this complete training combining practice and lessons.

  • Introduction to Tag Management
  • Configuration of Matomo Tag Manager
  • Creating multiple tags with triggers and variables
  • Manipulating the datalayer object
  • Create and implement a tracking plan
  • Matomo Tag Manager under the hood
Matomo students in training

Why work with Openmost rather than others?

We have real expertise that has proven itself over time. We have been providing Matomo training since 2018. Our customers are very satisfied and let us know!

Our Matomo expertise does not date from 2021…
We did not claim to be “expert” since Google Analytics Universal Analytics has closed. We have the Matomo seniority and expertise you are looking for in a professional partner.

We are used to working with marketing, technical, SEO and Ads teams. Your language is ours, no jargon, just precision.
We adapt our language to each person, we leave no one behind

Since we took a liking to Matomo in 2017, we have been active in the Matomo ecosystem in several ways.
We create free plugins and themes available on the official marketplace.
We have also written reference documentation in French which has allowed us to make ourselves known to our first customers.
And we are very active on the Matomo forum to help everyone find a solution to their problems.

At Handicap International, we asked Ronan from Openmost to resolve e-commerce tracking problems on Matomo and he was very competent, fast, and available. We are delighted. Don’t hesitate to call him!

Mikäel Janssens

I took JavaScript training with Ronan. Ronan is knowledgeable and passionate, making learning enjoyable. The training was practical, with concrete exercises. The presentation was well-structured, and the discussions were fluid. Merci !

Mathilde Scelers

Ronan accompanied us on Matomo to help us better understand this analysis tool which was quite new to us. He supported us on the tag correction in particular and proposed several relevant avenues for improvement. We feel that he knows the tool very, very well, he saved us precious time. Thank you very much for the collaboration, we will not hesitate for a second to call on him again!

Olivia Troehler

We called on Ronan to help us set up Matomo. He helped us greatly and is in total control of his subject. We highly recommend it

Yoan Laigle CEO, Cojean

We called on Openmost for Matomo expertise and the results met our expectations. In a few hours, Openmost was able to unblock our problem and put us on the right track for the future. THANKS !

Damien Lecan

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