Hosting and maintenance of your Matomo instances

Matomo is a complex solution that requires reliable installation and regular maintenance operations to ensure the quality and durability of the data collected. We are here to support you in managing your Matomo infrastructure.

Managing Matomo instances without problems

Custom installation based on your needs

Matomo has different ways of working depending on the volume of visitors to your website. We adapt Matomo on one or more servers to adapt to your traffic. Each installation is unique and fits your budget.

Maintenance and debug your instance

We are able to work on any type of Matomo, whether it is managed by you or an external service provider. We are able to manage all kinds of infrastructure, from classic VPS to autoscaling instances.

Upgrade of Matomo and its environment

Matomo has regular updates to add functionality or patch possible security issues. It is important to keep your Matomo instance up to date. We support you with these version upgrades without service interruptions.

We make Matomo management easy

Managing your Matomo instance is not always simple and requires understanding how Matomo works in depth so as not to degrade the user experience and maintain consistent loading times.

We specialize in performance-oriented Matomo installations without service interruptions. Version upgrades or installations of multi-servers plugins will no longer be a problem.

  • Single or multi-servers installation
  • Large traffic configuration
  • Upgrade without downtime or data loss

Matomo is a complex tool that is too often misconfigured

Configuring Matomo is a long process and is not common. Once Matomo is deployed on your server, there is still more than half of the configuration to achieve. Have you thought about the archiving system, the management of traffic peaks or the synchronization of trackers on multi-servers? Fortunately, we are here to guide you and configure your instance with our expertise on the subject.

A robust server configuration is paramount for Matomo’s effectiveness in processing analytics data efficiently. Adequate resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space, ensure optimal performance, enabling the generation of real-time insights without delays. The server’s scalability is crucial, as it allows Matomo to handle increasing data volumes seamlessly as your website or business expands.

A well-configured server contributes to data accuracy, security, and reliability by implementing measures such as encryption, access controls, and consistent backups. This setup also supports the integration of customizations and extensions, enhancing the overall flexibility and functionality of the analytics platform.

I took JavaScript training with Ronan. Ronan is knowledgeable and passionate, making learning enjoyable. The training was practical, with concrete exercises. The presentation was well-structured, and the discussions were fluid. Merci !

Mathilde Scelers

We called on Ronan to help us set up Matomo. He helped us greatly and is in total control of his subject. We highly recommend it

Yoan Laigle CEO, Cojean

At Handicap International, we asked Ronan from Openmost to resolve e-commerce tracking problems on Matomo and he was very competent, fast, and available. We are delighted. Don’t hesitate to call him!

Mikäel Janssens

We called on Openmost for Matomo expertise and the results met our expectations. In a few hours, Openmost was able to unblock our problem and put us on the right track for the future. THANKS !

Damien Lecan

Ronan was able to adapt to my needs and issues throughout my training on Matomo. The format combining training but also practical workshops is ideal for quickly mastering the tool. Thank you for this training, I recommend!!


Entrust us with the management of your Matomo instance