Your tracking strategy deserves the best

Every business has different goals and your branding plan should take this into account.
We support you on the data collection strategy for your business by creating an effective and comprehensive tagging plan tailored to your needs.

Your strategy carefully planned and made by experts

Creation of the tagging plan

We create a tagging plan following design standards that make your strategy viable and maintainable in the long term.

Implementation in Tag Manager

We add and configure the tags in your favorite Tag Manager and make the necessary modifications to any existing tags.

Validation and testing

Each configuration is unique and must be validated with an expert eye to ensure the quality of the data collected.

Complete and powerful tagging plan

The tagging plan should allow you to make the right decisions for your website and your business by measuring and analyzing user actions. Our objective is to design with you a tailor-made marking plan adapted to your objectives.

  • Essential document for your strategy
  • Designed to evolve and be sustainable

Entrust the tracking strategy to your experts

By discussing with your teams, browsing your site and using our in-depth knowledge, we are able to create and implement powerful and effective marking plans.
A marking plan is a document combining technique and strategy, which is why we are here to support you in its conception.

At Handicap International, we asked Ronan from Openmost to resolve e-commerce tracking problems on Matomo and he was very competent, fast, and available. We are delighted. Don’t hesitate to call him!

Mikäel Janssens

Ronan was able to adapt to my needs and issues throughout my training on Matomo. The format combining training but also practical workshops is ideal for quickly mastering the tool. Thank you for this training, I recommend!!


Ronan accompanied us on Matomo to help us better understand this analysis tool which was quite new to us. He supported us on the tag correction in particular and proposed several relevant avenues for improvement. We feel that he knows the tool very, very well, he saved us precious time. Thank you very much for the collaboration, we will not hesitate for a second to call on him again!

Olivia Troehler

We called on Ronan to help us set up Matomo. He helped us greatly and is in total control of his subject. We highly recommend it

Yoan Laigle CEO, Cojean

Great training adapted to all levels on Matomo and a real increase in skills for each member of the team.

Guillaume Dassonville

Troubleshoot issues on your Matomo instance