Matomo training

Training goals

This Matomo training is designed to develop your knowledge and skills you need to effectively use the Matomo Tag Manager. Training sessions typically cover a range of topics, including platform navigation, understanding Tag Management concepts, manipulating tags, triggers and variables, and best practices for leveraging Matomo Tag Manager features to achieve specific business objectives.

Who could attend ?

Participants from various departments including marketing, communications, and technical teams, as well as individuals responsible for website management and solutions, who aspire to delve into data analysis and advocate for ongoing service enhancements, are encouraged to attend.

Our training program begins with foundational concepts to equip you with self-sufficiency in Matomo. Tailored to accommodate participants’ varying proficiency levels, the training content is customized for each session to ensure optimal comprehension and engagement.

Matomo training program

Morning: Matomo Tag Manager tour and exercises (4 hours)

  • Introduction to Matomo Tag Manager
  • Implementation of Matomo Tag Manager
  • Creating tags
  • Configuring triggers
  • Understanding variables concept
  • Preview and debug mode
  • Custom events management
  • Creation of goals based on events

Afternoon: Tracking plan and best practice with MTM (3h)

  • Create a marking plan from real website
  • Setting up the tagging plan on Matomo Tag Manager
  • Understanding the data layer object
  • Discovery of the e-commerce configuration
  • Discussion time and additional resources

This Matomo Tag Manager training plan has been tested on several people, and we have only kept the best for you!

Is something missing? Don’t worry, this training plan is the basis, we have to customize it according to your needs!


To make the most of Matomo Tag Manager training, we invite you to ensure the following points:

  • You are comfortable using a web browser
  • You know the basic principles of the web (non-technical)
  • You already know Matomo basics (we provide a Matomo training)
  • You’re not too afraid of reading HTML code
  • You are volunteering to attend the training

Quite simple, right ?

The strengths of this Matomo training

The training is carried out by Ronan HELLO, a Matomo and Tag Manager expert recognized by the community. You will be guided throughout the day between practice and theory, including anecdotes and real use cases, allowing you to apply what you have learned quickly after the training.

Every Matomo Tag Manager training is unique

Is your company faced with unique requirements that seem to fall outside the standard offerings? We understand this challenge well, and we’re committed to highlighting these areas so that you can become experts in them like no one else.

Prior to your training session, we invite you to outline the specific topics you’d like to address and provide details about your existing Matomo setup. Through open dialogue, we collaborate to tailor a personalized Matomo training experience that caters directly to your organization’s needs and objectives.

Both face-to-face and video

Whether the training takes place in person (at our premises or yours) or by videoconference, you will benefit from the best conditions for training at Matomo. The video conference format is produced in a video studio with a 4K60 stream and live studio quality sound.

Here is an example of the quality of the stream we offer:

Evaluation methods

We assess your progress throughout the day to ensure you have fully grasped each concept of Matomo Tag Manager.

  • During the training
  • At the end of the training with a self-assessment form

Funding this Matomo training

You can pay for training directly or through third-party financing.

Depending on your country of residence, there may be funding assistance for training. Please note that our training activity is recognized in France, and we have a trainer activity declaration number. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to finance this training, we work with specialized partners.

$ 1500 Onsite or online
  • Duration: 7h
  • Language: English, French
  • Difficulty: Hard
Download program
  • PDF
  • 50ko

We called on Ronan to help us set up Matomo. He helped us greatly and is in total control of his subject. We highly recommend it

Yoan Laigle CEO, Cojean

Ronan accompanied us on Matomo to help us better understand this analysis tool which was quite new to us. He supported us on the tag correction in particular and proposed several relevant avenues for improvement. We feel that he knows the tool very, very well, he saved us precious time. Thank you very much for the collaboration, we will not hesitate for a second to call on him again!

Olivia Troehler

We work regularly with Ronan: A true passionate and exciting expert, available and above all… very talented! For the integration of Matomo as for his other missions, he quickly understands the client’s needs and knows how to be a force for proposals in the integration of the tool.

Jérôme Brisseau Fondateur de Goodflair

At Handicap International, we asked Ronan from Openmost to resolve e-commerce tracking problems on Matomo and he was very competent, fast, and available. We are delighted. Don’t hesitate to call him!

Mikäel Janssens

Ronan was able to adapt to my needs and issues throughout my training on Matomo. The format combining training but also practical workshops is ideal for quickly mastering the tool. Thank you for this training, I recommend!!