Enhance Matomo with Mistral AI

We are the pioneers in integrating Mistral AI into Matomo successfully. This groundbreaking integration opens up new possibilities for optimizing report analysis and leveraging AI assistance directly within the Matomo platform. Harness this innovative technology to enhance your analytics capabilities and unlock the full potential of Matomo’s AI-driven features.

Matomo enhanced with Mistral AI

Chat with Mistral AI

Require assistance in comprehending certain Matomo reports? Simply turn to Mistral AI for clear explanations!

Get comprehensive insights

Access comprehensive and detailed insights for every report directly within Matomo.

Work like a pro

You have the option to request Mistral AI to generate API requests or to assist in preparing your data for export.

Matomo enters a new era with Mistral AI

Are you inundated with AI buzzwords but struggle to implement it in your daily operations? We’ve developed a solution that puts AI at the forefront of your business.

Unlock the potential of GPT models to assist you in interpreting your Matomo reports. With our connector, you can ask any question and witness your assistant guide you through every step, from implementation to data analysis.

  • AI-powered insights
  • Mistral AI chat in the app
  • Full integration into the UI

AI powered insights

  • Insights based on the current dataset
  • Pretty data formatting

Fully customizable and privacy by design

We want to develop a fully customizable plugins that prioritize user privacy.

While our AI interacts with Matomo’s API, it’s important to note that Mistral AI does not have access to any API keys or any credentials.

The data utilized by Mistral AI to provide insights is sourced exclusively from Matomo’s public API, ensuring data privacy and security.

If you like this plugin, you can try the full suite!