Tag Manager Extended

This plugin allows you to use more than twenty tag and variables templates to simplify the use of your Tag Manager. Professionalize your use of Matomo Tag Manager with the free Tag Manager Extended plugin.

More tag templates for more efficiency

Understanding the need

Our clients regularly need to implement custom tags on their website. We create reusable templates.

Simple to use

This plugin integrates perfectly with your Tag Manager, each tag offers simple and intuitive settings.

Need more templates ?

Please let us know what tags you would like to see in this plugin! We will be happy to add it to benefit the whole community.

All your tags in one place

We know that switching from one Tag Manager to another can be complicated. We strive to create solutions to make your job easier.

One of GTM’s strengths is the multitude of tags in its catalog, we want to do the same with this plugin to make using Matomo Tag Manager as simple as possible.

We even support other analytics tools :

  • Google services (Google Analytics 4 + Google Ads)
  • Email marketing solutions
  • Other analytics tools

Easy integration with other solutions

You can now easily synchronize your data layer with Google data layer event after page loads ! Just use our “DataLayer Synchronization” tag!

We also support up to four consent management platforms to help you with GDPR and other privacy rules.

This plugin provides different integration type such as Slack messaging or Affliae !

  • One click GTM and MTM datalayer synchronization
  • Several consent management platform supported
  • Slack messaging integration

Make Matomo Tag Manager the best Tag Manager

We want Matomo Tag Manager to be the best open-source Tag Manager ever. You can help us by reviewing this plugin or telling us what kind a tag templates you want to add to this plugin.

Don’t hesitate to give some feedback.

Try these features

You still have a lot to know about the Matomo Tag Manager Extended plugin!

Add your Google Ads conversion without any hesitation. This tag template is one of our favorite ! This is so easy for marketing teams to handle Google Ads conversion with Matomo Tag Manager now.

Is your site fully tagged with Google Tag Manager? No need to redo everything! Thanks to our “Datalayer Synchronization” tag, you will be able to use Google’s data layer even after the page has loaded. We use this tag on all our clients who come from Google Tag Manager!

Tagging a site for ecommerce tracking is very painful in Matomo. Especially when the CMS you use only offers integration for GA4. What luck, this tag uses the GA4 dataLayer structure to collect ecommerce data for Matomo. It’s so easy to track ecommerce performance now!

With the arrival of the GDPR, do you want to request user consent to collect personal data? We have planned for this with our native integration of certain consent management plateform.

Need to have instant information in a Slack channel for each objective or registration? We’ve created the Slack connector you need!