Campaign URL Builder

Create and track your marketing campaign links in just a few clicks with an intuitive and comprehensive URL generator!

Manage your campaign with ease


Fill out the form with your campaign parameters and use the shareable URL or QR code in seconds.


This generator allows you to create URLs with marketing parameters for Matomo and Google campaigns.


We do not store the information you enter into the generator. Your digital strategy remains your property.

Build URL for you marketing campaign in seconds

With his simplified interface, our marketing campaign URL generation tool guides you without leaving the possibility of making mistakes.
Fill out the form with your campaign information, we take care of the format and compatibility.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Live URL generation
  • Matomo and Google compatibility

Required and optional parameters

Our interface has been designed to highlight the widely recommended parameters. Be free to add the parameters you want to qualify your campaign URLs.

This tool is part of the Openmost suite of tools for web marketing teams.