Matomo Site Kit

Installing Matomo Cloud or OnPremise on WordPress can be complicated, especially if you don’t have a developer with you. We have created a simple and complete plugin that allows you to configure Matomo for WordPress in seconds.

Matomo plugin for WordPress

All in one

This WordPress plugin supports your Matomo Cloud or OnPremise instance.


See your essential data at a glance with the quick dashboard.


Add context to data collected with the adaptive build-in dataLayer.

Easy installation of Matomo on WordPress

Install our plugin from the marketplace.
You will then just need to enter your host name, site, or container ID for your visitor tracking to begin. You will be able to add your Matomo API key to enable reporting functionality on WordPress.


  • Support Matomo 4 and 5
  • Support Matomo Tag Manager

Quick access to a relevant dashboard

Get insight into your website visits with a built-in Matomo dashboard to collect essential data about your website.

Also benefit from visit reports for each page of your WordPress site, accessible directly in the page editor.

Available reports:

  • Visits summary
  • Channel type
  • Top pages
  • Page performance
  • Visits summary per URL

Build-in contextual data layer (yes, we did it !)

We are proud of our creation: An automated and contextualized dataLayer for your website.
No more manual implementations of your Matomo dataLayer on WordPress, all page data is integrated into the body of each page.

Read more about what’s in our dataLayer in the next section !

The complete WordPress plugin for Matomo

Our plugin is designed to be your best friend for implementing Matomo on WordPress.

Our plugin allows you to deploy tracking code from Matomo or Matomo Tag Manager in seconds. Whether you are on Matomo OnPremise or Cloud, it’s not a problem, support is complete.

Access your essential data directly in WordPress with a pre-configured dashboard to show you the data you need.
This plugin also allows you to access Matomo data directly on your article pages from the WordPress administration.

We thought you’d enjoy it, so we did it.
We have implemented an integrated dataLayer which takes data from your pages and actions to expose them to your Tag Manager.

Do you want a custom Matomo integration for your WordPress?