Matomo Openmost Theme

This theme allows you to maintain visual continuity in your Openmost ecosystem for Matomo. This theme is based on the Openmost graphic charter using dark colors, a strong blue and yellow and red/pink variants.

A little freshness in the user interface

This Openmost theme for Matomo modifies a large part of the visual interface of Matomo without changing its functionality in order to guarantee a flawless experience. This theme is evolving and regularly receives updates to follow developments in the Matomo interface.

  • New CSS syntax
  • Accessibility preserved

Easy installation

Our theme is published on the official Matomo marketplace. Simply download it from your Matomo instance and activate it.
The theme will be active for all users.

  • One click installation
  • Constant update
  • Matomo 4 and 5
  • Tag Manager support